From the United States – individual character style of the acoustic headset series modern tide people mark
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Now, you may not know the iron triangle, don’t know SenHaiSaiEr, but if you don’t know the sound headphones if, then you’ll be behind The Times, when Bryant wearing headphones sound studio possessed a press conference was fined 10000 dollars, when lebron, Lady Gaga, eason chan and other star wearing headphones sound possessed and all kinds of public places, as a young people nowadays, you can’t ignore the sound of existence, just as you don’t may not know like Nike. It is not only a music “gluttonous feast”, also become the world fashion trends. Hip-hop model and taking it as a wind vane. Now changsha verve digital doing Christmas activities have 3 kinds to the acoustic headset is worth small make up recommend.

Today we recommend for the first paragraph is the most representative one product — Monster Beats (mixer), pure black outer packing, positive with headset modelling. Earphone adopts full enclosed design, has the very good sound insulation effect, with cortex soft ear mat, wear up not comfortable. Appearance vogue, wide American style, wear up and more comfortable, sound lay particular stress on low frequency, more suitable for like rock users.


Box-and-one the sound mixer

The second product is the SOLO sound, the sound SOLO headphones can be folded, is a portable phone, and price in the headphone and pleasant to hear between ear plugs. The acoustic SOLO equipped with ControlTalk line control, can control iPhone, iPod and other portable audio players. Because the acoustic positioning for Solo headset with headphones, so to front end demand is not high, the use of X – Fi, D50, flying saucer, IPC next performance is very good, is pushed kung fu class. SOLO use of advanced speaker design and dynamic isolation technique from the noise, even if someone in your side loudly noisy, also won’t affect your audition feeling, can be guaranteed to transfer the higher resolution of the music.

The acoustic SOLO box-and-one

Finally the recommended this section is fine workmanship, the outward appearance is outstanding, small size, low frequency strong magic sound Solo HD. The acoustic SOLO HD as a SOLO upgrade version, and SOLO SOLO HD than in resolving power and low frequency has more perfect performance. The acoustic SOLO HD headphones also can be folded, ear muff inside external packages, head zone where work, head beam place inside of the buffer zone, adaptive can arbitrarily change the perspective of unit adjustment design, and so on to the user provides a “noble” feeling. In addition, the acoustic Solo HD headset with ControlTalk line control, and can control iPhone on hands free calls, and for songs also handy manipulation.


Box-and-one magic sound SOLO HD

The acoustic headset is from the United States local brand in the professional studio in all can see the figure of it. The acoustic series of high-end positioning headset market, can fully meet the ultimate in high definition listen to experience new generation music requirements. If you are the moist person, if you are need to buy money headphones, the above three paragraphs is definitely worth to consider.



Recommend type: the sound Studio

Reference price: $168-368

Recommend type: the sound SOLO HD
Reference price: $158-358

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Straw is an American Marvin stone invented in 1888, in the 19th century, americans like to

drink cold light sweet wine, in order to avoid the mouth the wine heat reduce frozen strength,

so don’t drink mouth direct drinking, and hollow natural straw to suck, but natural straw is

easily broken, its own taste will seep into wine. At that time, the United States has a

cigarette manufacturers Marvin? Stone, get inspiration from cigarettes, made a paper straw.

Try drinking under, neither fracture, and no smell. From then on, people not only in drinking

light sweet wine using straws, drink other cold drink, also like to use paper straw. After the

invention of plastic, paper straw was colorful plastic straws replaced. The inventor not apply

for patent.



No one can deny that popular music in Europe and America the Justin · than job’s amazing

music talent, but questioned his singing or returned, someone says his voice after post

treatment. Therefore, than “special issue a not in electric album to prove his own” clean “,

he also suggested that fans to use the monster headphones to “clearly listen to my singing


Indeed, for most of the music enthusiasts speaking, the acoustic products is the symbol of

high quality sound, despite the high price, still popular market. What is less well known is

that its founder LiMeiSheng is a from hunan Chinese scientists, the sound just appeared, had a

cold reception.

Love of music enthusiasts

In 1978 a spring day weekend, bright and sunny. Hard week, most people choose to go out for an

outing with my family. However, the United States city of San Francisco, California, a family,

but nest in the garage pour a teng cable.

“Mom, I want is that kind of cable, not this.” The young LiMeiSheng side busy all kinds of

metal ring weld together, side to explain to her mother. “Be?”Hunan accent rich mother

hurriedly in the cable, but eyes, still full of temptation. A few years ago, son to give up

the research work of the high salary, and has established a band around the world, and now he

and registered a company production audio wire (3770,44.00, 1.18%). This is the Chinese

families in the United States for 30 years, will make the most risky action.

LiMeiSheng in December 1948 and was born in San Francisco. Father is at that time the central

news agency reporter, was the national government in San Francisco, and my mother is a

housewife. Because is Christmas the next day was born in the United States, so his father gave

him the name “beauty holy”.

LiMeiSheng grew up disapproval of music hobby, like tinkering with audio equipment. After

graduating from high school, he was admitted to a famous American institution of California

institute of technology electronic engineering, after completing their studies in the United

States national Lawrence laboratory as laser synthesis design engineer. But such work to the

young and active LiMeiSheng, it is too boring. Of work, he has a band, since as drummer, and

try to do audio equipment.

Movie infernal affairs start, Andy lau to buy audio, Tony leung recommended to give him a

piece of sound box line, saying it “in the high sweet, intonation, bass sink”, this shows the

importance of the line. But in the s, audio equipment, though already appeared sound pretty

good lp record player, as well as to music reduction quite perfect hi-fi speaker, but it is

about these equipment connecting line know nothing, just use ordinary wire to transmit high

fidelity signal. In practice, LiMeiSheng found that use different wire connection audio

equipment unexpectedly will listen to a different sound, with conductive coefficient tall and

certain method made wire will get excellent transmission performance. Accordingly, he

developed a high quality sound box line, named “the sound” line.

On June 26th, 1978, registered a LiMeiSheng called “magic sound wire (Monster Cable),” the

company, at home in the garage started production. In the future, LiMeiSheng explanation,

chose the “magic sound” to name products are two reasons: way is its wire makes sound voice is

strong and powerful, wide range, The second is compared with ordinary wire, the acoustic wire

head big out many.

LiMeiSheng think, the sound of a product available will be warmly welcomed, however, that fact

is not the case.

Lead the market of the prophet

In addition to music enthusiasts, but ordinary people is hard to distinguish different wire

produce quality difference, so don’t think the acoustic products how different, even think

only professionals need to be this kind of equipment. But LiMeiSheng insist that their

products suitable for all kinds of music type, consumer as long as the top record in the test,

you can ensure that get excellent sound quality. The future of quality requirements will be

spread to the public, never limited to professional personage.

In 1979, in order to show the new developed speaker wire, LiMeiSheng himself drove to Chicago

for consumer electronics show in the summer. Because economic distress, he just let mother

found a white color paper box installed cable, and then use a shopping bag carrying went. In

the future, old man recalled the scene, still feel incredible: “at that time we don’t

understand, things like this, so as to how line? And what will be the development? But he

really did it.” The sound of the wire in the electronics company on a gun popular, a year

later, LiMeiSheng will company from garage moved to office building.

Find the market blank, walking in front of market, it is the biggest characteristic of

LiMeiSheng management company, even as he won the praise of the prophet.

In 1984, when CD, DVD, MP3 and other electronic format has not appeared yet, and the sound was

launched the world’s first is specially designed for apple computer Speaker — Mac Speaker.

In the 1990 s, MP3, mobile electronic devices in vogue, portable pleasant to hear in-ear

headphones became the mainstream, but LiMeiSheng began to the development of the high quality

head phone market. “People thought that only when at home will wear the stupid big headphones,

in fact now headset has become people decoration and individual character reflect part.”

LiMeiSheng also thought, personal MP3 player use let quality appears generally decline,

“millions of children have never experienced the era of big horn sound, I want to let them

feel the”.

Beautifully finished but the price expensive magic sound headphone fledglings market, once was

left out in the cold. LiMeiSheng solution is, put all the attention on retail. “We must let

retailers to we make money, let the sales staff to make money for us.” Therefore, the acoustic

company spent a lot of time for sales training. LiMeiSheng said: “no one like to buy headset

wire, this is considered very romantic. But you must tell consumers why they need these,

otherwise they didn’t get good voice.”

LiMeiSheng know that his success is far more than will be good quality into the product so

simple. “If people think it good-looking, will buy. Users may can’t afford to buy a porsche,

but they can afford the best headphones.” therefore.


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Rap star Eminem white americans (Eminem) has begun to prepare new studio album, as we have learned, often and Eminem cooperation producer Dr. Dre has joined in this record of.

In an interview about his eighth a recording studio album, eminem said: “yes, he (Dr. Dre) of course will join.” About this new album content, eminem in the interview said that at present is still in the first stage, most of the song is not yet forming.

“Usually I am according to their own sense in go, according to a certain direction and I feel recording something, then I put these recorded fragments to Dr. Dre, he naturally with some very useful fragment,” eminem said.

At present, eminem and not for the new record set the exact issue date, but for eminem and his Shady Records, it will be very busy in a month. Except in many countries of Asia tour held outside, Shady Records super combination Slaughterhouse will on August 28, issued much-anticipated album: Welcome to Our House “.

In this interview of eminem also talked about has just died shortly before the little beast child (Beastie Boys) band members Adam – york (Adam Yauch). “His leave too sad,” eminem said, “it’s too bad, for Hip – Hop music speaking, little beast child is too important.”

The paper straw is so hot. Once I list the paper straws on my website, so many clients send their inquiry to me, some clients are surprised at the good price and super high quality. They will go to my store, yes, so many clients order the straws from the store, and I receive so many high feedback from them, like super quality, well packed, fast shipping … it is so excited to get these feedback.

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Successful birthday party should achieve:

1. The dream come true. Should let the child on her birthday can fully feel he/she is the leading role, let him feel confident, happiness and dreams come true joy.

2. Make a functional. In addition to the leading role, other invited friends, relatives and friends to wait, also can feel a well organized have window party, bring their relaxing and enjoyable experience.

3. An aftertaste. After the party, always have what is everyone to stay in the memory, perhaps is a window moment, a game, impressive party adornment,or an individual to speak.

Believe that the headset is everybody life necessities, a person at home on the road, or in the office, wearing headphones to listen to the song is a very agreeable things, do not affect others, can free immersed in their own world. However, people know the earliest headset is what appearance? With small make up a look at the evolution headset!
1881 your headset and music have nothing to do

In the 1880 s, the world’s first deputy earphone was born, but it and music does not have the half cents relation, it is born for communication. When using should be weighed a few pounds of headset branch in the shoulder, just like on the shoulder to put a sound box.

1895 hand-held headphones

In 1895, people began to listen to the music in household headphones. But this headset looks very like now the sister used to thin face of thin face apparatus, wood?


In 1910 the first paragraph modern headphones

In this year, Nathaniel Baldwin in their kitchen made the first batch of modern headphones and sold the United States navy. This pair of headphones also began a little modern earpieces looks like. Baldwin and may be absorbed in money, forget to apply for a patent.


In 1937 the first paragraph moving coil headphones

From Beyerdynamic manufacture in the world of the first paragraph of moving coil headset headphones DT – 48 is undoubtedly a milestone in the history.


In 1949 the first paragraph of the AKG headphones

This is focused on film equipment industry AKG in this year jump out of line, turning to audio-visual equipment, and design produced their first paragraph K120 modern headphones.


In 1958 the first paragraph stereo headphones

John c. Koss create the world’s first paragraph stereo headset Koss SP – 3, then ten years, it in the headset market clueless.


In 1959 the first paragraph electrostatic headphones

The world’s first paragraph electrostatic headset SR – 1 appeared in Tokyo, Japan launched by the Stax. Compared to moving coil headphones, electrostatic headphones sound is more exquisite, also not so distortion.


In 1968 the first paragraph Koss of electrostatic headphones

In the first paragraph Koss introduced stereophonic earphone ten years after the first introduced the system electrostatic headset ESP – 6. This mobile phone weighs 0.9 kg, at least before shoulder-fired speakers much better.


In 1979, Sony Walkman come

Say to the headset events in history, have to mention Sony Walkman (Walkman) appear. Like night of spring breeze comes suddenly, full avenue are wearing earphones of young people, fashionable and arrogant pride!


1980 earplugs in-ear headphones

Top man ladies need not to worry about hairstyle is heavy earpieces mess, but earplugs type headset is the peak of the in a few years jobs launched iPod before coming.


1997 years after Sony headphones hung

Earplugs in-ear headphones are not very good voice from the outside world, and want to protect hair style, please use the Sony headphones after hung.


2000 anti noise earphone

Bose face the general public launch of the anti noise earphone QuietComfort let the user, in the roar of aircraft or noise in front of the TV set is still can enjoy their own music world.


In 2001, iPod achievement headphones new milestone

The emergence of the iPod subversion of the entire music world, get out of the house can be seen everywhere ears hang a piece of white headphones line guy. According to statistics, since 2001, there have been 300 million headset with iPod sold together.


2008 Beats by Dre

Hip hop godfather Dr. Dre, record companies Interscope Geffen A&M President Jimmy Iovine and the sound headphone Monster to launched Beats by Dre headphones, quickly occupied the headset market deodorants. At that time, almost every NBA player from the car to the rest room hangs Beats by Dre.


2012 headset is not only about music

In addition to listening to music, now headphones have to lead the fashion trend. See Lil Wayne bling bling of this pair of Beats by Dre headphones, is said to be worth millions of dollars!