1. When drinking straws to bit in labial ministry central

Practice began months: 7 ~ 8 month or so (with a tongue pounding period)

To correctly grasp the position of the bit straw.

Drink water not to use a straw sprinkling of the secret is, must want to bit in labial ministry central position. So, the lips to tightly closed, don’t worry about running out from the side. Even if the water from his mouth overflow to also unimportant, slowly baby will adjust the amount of absorb the.

2. Paper straws beverage from straw spouting out scenarios let the baby deeply remember

Practice began months: 9 ~ 11 months (gum chewing period)

Let the baby see drink out of the way.

In front of the baby, mother hold wrapper, drinks from straw spouting out appearance will bring the baby visual impact. In addition, let the baby contain live pipette, my mother gently press the wrapper, let the baby really drink in outflow liquid, is also a kind of feasible measures.

3. Make sure the lips are closed

Practice began months: 1 ~ 1-6 months (free chewing period)

The baby can’t suck smoothly when his mother for help from the side.

The baby bit live pipette, mother want to confirm that the baby the lips are closed, drinks retained in the mouth have a drink in. Sucking not too smooth, mother can use finger to help baby fixed straws, so much more fluent.