Hope your wedding return novel and chic, let the guests can immediately recall the sweet? That is to play a strange think of clever want, for the guests prepare some fashion wedding return it. Those wonderful creative will let them find everything new and fresh, meticulous care can make them deeply touched.

Delicate mint seedlings grown in small ceramic flowerpot constitute pure and fresh and natural scenery, let a person shine at the moment.

Environmental protection small gift is the most beautiful, the most interesting. Whether vibrant small potted, green health food, does not contain the additive cleaning supplies, or recycled glass bottles are leading environmental fashionable small gifts.


Romantic strawberry red, Ming yan melon yellow and clear rain series of fragrance of tea wax can bring wonderful daydream. Make it lovely bird shape colour profusion wax tank and sweet candle hand in photograph reflect, build a fantastical romantic atmosphere, will be what a enchanted scene.


Jump out of conventional rules, for your guests prepare some do not fall convention of small gift, let them as your happy mood as gorgeous, individual character is dye-in-the-wood small gift will give the guests brings infinite surprise.


Packed in small environmental protection bag of lemon piece of biscuit, chocolate candy entrance instant, no any environmental pollution and good health, is the fashion wedding party good food, will leave us with an endless aftertaste.

Using recycled paper packaging of the camomile essential oil, cedar wood, made of soap, do not contain any chemical add composition, as ivory, pure natural, can give meticulous care, make sure skin from harm.


Recycled bottle + paper straw = lasting carefree drinking. Karma spritzer refreshing, let a person energetic. Environmental protection paper straw will not cause any environmental pollution. The Karma spritzer and paper straw, guests can drink the.

These small and exquisite vase together is a beauty stunning landscape. They are for the guests elaborate lovely gift, will let a person fondle admiringly.


If the weather is hot, might as well for the guests prepare some banana leaf shape of small fan, chic small fans can bring them from inside the feeling of cool and comfortable.


If you are going to a wedding trip for the wedding guests prepare some practical and interest is full of small gift! These close small gift will give their journey with meticulous care.

Thin soft sarong is outdoor wedding resist hot market.

Practical things can also beauty with humour. If the guests luggage system some conspicuous small card, they can quickly find your luggage. And these colourful little card can be used for luggage tag, but also as seats card.


For the guests tailored design elegant pocket city tourist guide. These guidelines on the cover of the should write have your name and date of wedding, and its content can also include local the best restaurants and the hottest nightclubs.