From the United States – individual character style of the acoustic headset series modern tide people mark
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Now, you may not know the iron triangle, don’t know SenHaiSaiEr, but if you don’t know the sound headphones if, then you’ll be behind The Times, when Bryant wearing headphones sound studio possessed a press conference was fined 10000 dollars, when lebron, Lady Gaga, eason chan and other star wearing headphones sound possessed and all kinds of public places, as a young people nowadays, you can’t ignore the sound of existence, just as you don’t may not know like Nike. It is not only a music “gluttonous feast”, also become the world fashion trends. Hip-hop model and taking it as a wind vane. Now changsha verve digital doing Christmas activities have 3 kinds to the acoustic headset is worth small make up recommend.

Today we recommend for the first paragraph is the most representative one product — Monster Beats (mixer), pure black outer packing, positive with headset modelling. Earphone adopts full enclosed design, has the very good sound insulation effect, with cortex soft ear mat, wear up not comfortable. Appearance vogue, wide American style, wear up and more comfortable, sound lay particular stress on low frequency, more suitable for like rock users.


Box-and-one the sound mixer

The second product is the SOLO sound, the sound SOLO headphones can be folded, is a portable phone, and price in the headphone and pleasant to hear between ear plugs. The acoustic SOLO equipped with ControlTalk line control, can control iPhone, iPod and other portable audio players. Because the acoustic positioning for Solo headset with headphones, so to front end demand is not high, the use of X – Fi, D50, flying saucer, IPC next performance is very good, is pushed kung fu class. SOLO use of advanced speaker design and dynamic isolation technique from the noise, even if someone in your side loudly noisy, also won’t affect your audition feeling, can be guaranteed to transfer the higher resolution of the music.

The acoustic SOLO box-and-one

Finally the recommended this section is fine workmanship, the outward appearance is outstanding, small size, low frequency strong magic sound Solo HD. The acoustic SOLO HD as a SOLO upgrade version, and SOLO SOLO HD than in resolving power and low frequency has more perfect performance. The acoustic SOLO HD headphones also can be folded, ear muff inside external packages, head zone where work, head beam place inside of the buffer zone, adaptive can arbitrarily change the perspective of unit adjustment design, and so on to the user provides a “noble” feeling. In addition, the acoustic Solo HD headset with ControlTalk line control, and can control iPhone on hands free calls, and for songs also handy manipulation.


Box-and-one magic sound SOLO HD

The acoustic headset is from the United States local brand in the professional studio in all can see the figure of it. The acoustic series of high-end positioning headset market, can fully meet the ultimate in high definition listen to experience new generation music requirements. If you are the moist person, if you are need to buy money headphones, the above three paragraphs is definitely worth to consider.



Recommend type: the sound Studio

Reference price: $168-368

Recommend type: the sound SOLO HD
Reference price: $158-358

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