Rap star Eminem white americans (Eminem) has begun to prepare new studio album, as we have learned, often and Eminem cooperation producer Dr. Dre has joined in this record of.

In an interview about his eighth a recording studio album, eminem said: “yes, he (Dr. Dre) of course will join.” About this new album content, eminem in the interview said that at present is still in the first stage, most of the song is not yet forming.

“Usually I am according to their own sense in go, according to a certain direction and I feel recording something, then I put these recorded fragments to Dr. Dre, he naturally with some very useful fragment,” eminem said.

At present, eminem and not for the new record set the exact issue date, but for eminem and his Shady Records, it will be very busy in a month. Except in many countries of Asia tour held outside, Shady Records super combination Slaughterhouse will on August 28, issued much-anticipated album: Welcome to Our House “.

In this interview of eminem also talked about has just died shortly before the little beast child (Beastie Boys) band members Adam – york (Adam Yauch). “His leave too sad,” eminem said, “it’s too bad, for Hip – Hop music speaking, little beast child is too important.”