How to invention straws?

In the 19th century, Americans like to drink cold light sweet wine, in order to avoid the mouth the wine heat reduce the freezing time, therefore, not to use mouth drink direct, and hollow natural straw to suck, but natural straw is easily broken, its own taste will seep into wine.

At that time, the United States has a manufacturers of cigarette named Marvin who get inspiration from cigarettes, made a paper straw. Try to drink a few times, found that neither fracture, and no smell. From then on, people not only in drinking light sweet wine using straws, drink other cold drink, also like to use paper straw. When invention of plastic, because plastic flexibility, beautiful sex is better than paper straw, so the paper straw was colorful plastic straws replaced.The inventor not apply for patent.
But now,all the world people like to use paper straws to drink and it is the fashion way in their daily life.