The folks at Monster gave me a sneak peak, five minute listening session with the soon to be released beats by dr.dre headphones. Even though I didn’t get to listen for as long as I would have liked, I can tell you that the depth of the bass instantly grabbed my attention and I didn’t want to take them off. Also the noise-cancelling feature did a first-rate job of shutting out external sounds.

These high-quality noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones were very comfortable to wear. The Monster represensatives informed me that a tremendous amount of research was involved to get the comfort and sound just right. They tell me these headphones are the first specifically designed for hip-hop music, with the approval of Dr. Dre himself.

Regular mp3 and AAC (128-256kb) tracks of various types of music that I listenened to off my iPhone sounded reasonably good for a headphone of this price, but it was the high bit-rate uncompressed hip-hop songs that really made these headphones standout.

If you’ve been saving up for the Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones, you should definitely consider splurging on the dr.dre’s.


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1. When drinking straws to bit in labial ministry central

Practice began months: 7 ~ 8 month or so (with a tongue pounding period)

To correctly grasp the position of the bit straw.

Drink water not to use a straw sprinkling of the secret is, must want to bit in labial ministry central position. So, the lips to tightly closed, don’t worry about running out from the side. Even if the water from his mouth overflow to also unimportant, slowly baby will adjust the amount of absorb the.

2. Paper straws beverage from straw spouting out scenarios let the baby deeply remember

Practice began months: 9 ~ 11 months (gum chewing period)

Let the baby see drink out of the way.

In front of the baby, mother hold wrapper, drinks from straw spouting out appearance will bring the baby visual impact. In addition, let the baby contain live pipette, my mother gently press the wrapper, let the baby really drink in outflow liquid, is also a kind of feasible measures.

3. Make sure the lips are closed

Practice began months: 1 ~ 1-6 months (free chewing period)

The baby can’t suck smoothly when his mother for help from the side.

The baby bit live pipette, mother want to confirm that the baby the lips are closed, drinks retained in the mouth have a drink in. Sucking not too smooth, mother can use finger to help baby fixed straws, so much more fluent.

1. General amplifier can be divided into monster beats by dr.dre  transistor (stone machine) and vacuum tubes (bravery machine) amplifier two kinds.
2. Amplifier
The preamplifier and power amplifier collectively.
Power amplifier
“The power amplifier, used to enhance signal the power to drive speakers speak an electronic device. Don’t take the signal source selection, the volume control function of the power amplifier subsidiary called after class.
Before the power amplifier amplification and advance the control part, used to enhance signal voltage amplitude, provides input signal choice, tone and volume adjustment control etc. Function. The preamplifier also called the former stage.
3. The prevalence of amplifier (class-A)
Also called A kind of amplification. For a working state amplifier. At this time monster beats ibeats by dr.dre the transistor amplifier or vacuum tubes will be to the audio signal amplifier.
B amplifier (class-B)
Also called a class B amplification. For a working state amplifier. This time all the way transistors or vacuum tubes will enlarge the amplifier of audio is half part, and the other all the way transistors or vacuum tubes are magnified the signal amplifier negative half part.
A b amplifier (class AB)
Also called AB kind of amplification. The amplifier’s a kind of work condition. At this time the amplifier’s output level in power output for low electricity and the prevalence of at ordinary times according to enlarge state, and in the power output for high and converted to electricity at ordinary times when a amplification.

A, this bottom noise amplifier shall be measured how? Used monster beats importers digital multimeter friends all know, if the table dial millivolt to block, pens and hung up when anything not answering the multiplier and jumping about figures have been started. Numbers spool little criterion 3, 5 millivolt, many tens mv. Is this the precision of the multimeter so low that the magnitude of millivolt not measuring parameters? Not as well. As long as the two pens and docking with the multiplier and stable soon back to zero. So just Numbers spool come in? Because there are scattered around space of stray electromagnetic interference signals, and the multimeter resistance is bigger, can very sensitive to jamming signal to accept to reason. Once the pens and docking, the interference of electromagnetic signal is through the pens and short sub off, then a multimeter is shown in stable back to zero digital, to show that it can measure of minimum signal range is. On the other hand amplifier, if you empty the volume and pick up input terminals the largest open, then hear noise, and just as the truth of the multimeter, has quite a lot of electromagnetic interferences noise. That you find a unplugged the signal of the plug, and put the plug in the two ends into short circuit, then hear what??? May what also can’t hear or very small noise. This is the bottom of the amplifier noise. So, you might ask, turn the volume down to the smallest not can also shut? Is that sometimes may be so of, for example, the volume in the front of the circuit potentiometer. But, also some circuit is not in the front volume potentiometer, its front perhaps other circuit components or wiring, you put it off to a minimum, reflect the noise is just after the noise of the circuit potentiometer. So, the correct measuring method should be input short sub, the volume of maximum noise is the bottom of the amplifier noise.


Folding table, small colored flags, three governance, the child road run,paper straws,paper cups, the streets big party! Can be the most British characteristic street.

Has to go to work, the flags waving everywhere. From the house lane street lamps hanging pocket pennant, to the regent street across the suspension of the great MiZiQi, a piece of red, blue, white sea.

To celebrate the queen Elizabeth ii was 60 years of the drill jubilee daqing will go on stage. Four-day long weekend, millions of British people will take part in the street party.

Street crazy, with you to share!

Chinatown to participate in

Last Friday (25), the local government association (LGA) announced that total received 9500 closed road street party held the formal application.

Folk organization “vigor street” (Streets Alive) said, many residential areas will also hold informal street party. Add up, it is estimated that the British there will be millions of people took to the streets carnival.

Located in the heart of London Chinatown will be held on June 4th street party. This is London Chinatown merchants first cooperation held street party.

But, drill jubilee long weekend just catch a school holiday, and many families travel abroad. My home is in 7 months street decided to hold “the Olympic drill jubilee joint street party”.

“Vigor street” said, going to postpone the party “tens of thousands”.

How can some rain by English?
Peace tea

Street party in Britain has a long history, especially in England and wales, but in Scotland, Northern Ireland and not form a climate.

According to “vigor street” introduction, 1897 queen Victoria celebrate drill jubilee time, the British people will make a formal “street dinner party”. The modern significance of street party – neighborhood gathered spontaneously at home and follow one’s inclinationsly, game – began in 1919.

The year July, across Britain held in succession to “Peace Tea” (Peace Tea) as the theme of the street party to celebrate signed the treaty of Versailles, for four years, the first world war ii this painful drew to a full stop. “Peaceful tea” focuses on by war to the suffering children a chance to eat and drink, and pleasure. And now the party still more formal than, participants will sit down and eat well.

Later, catch up with the affairs of state, particularly with the royal relevant celebration, the British can be held the street party. In 1935, George v silver jubilee in 1937, George vi crown in 1945, world war ii allied European v day, 2000 millennium, 2011 prince William married…

Most notably, to calculate now queen 1977 silver jubilee celebration. It is estimated that, when there are ten million people took to the streets to celebrate! Charles and Diana wedding day street party same size.


Now, the street party in some areas has become the annual summer community routine activities. Have great things not to say, it’s no big deal will also took to the streets after the party addiction.

Observers said, this is the 21st century community disintegration phenomenon response. “Regionalism” wind in social, political two fields are the scraping the more quickly, people more profoundly realize, between neighborhood silos is not a good thing, the street party may contribute to the solution of problems.

In 2010, no daqing year, Bristol still held 150 the street party.

This year the number of street party almost equivalent to William wedding day last year a times. LGA noticed that people in the street party appetite seems to “greatly increase”. LGA culture, tourism, sports committee chairman o in (Flick Rea) said, economic situation recession, people hope to have a chance to transfer attention, “days sad, took to the streets and people talk, can give mentality enormous change.

O in also said that the British queen to have “special respect”; The Olympic torch relay and the Olympic Games in the upcoming, more let people move;

And “vigor street” keating, (Chris Gittins) special puts forward, the local government held street party simplified the procedure, add fuel to the fire.

Weather a turn for the better, “who don’t like open party?”

Flags cake nice and delicious
Party change “smell”

Open street party, does not necessarily have to seal street, parking lot, community park, public building door to outer space may make the site. The traditional small bunting indispensable, hang up, place on folding table, chair, conditional please a band, no conditions to plug in sound, ready to point game, eat and drink, and together.

Street party what to eat, would have “change flavor son”. Traditional English party food – three governance, sausage rolls, cake or something, of course, market, the way is simple, easy to save, and secondly finished or pick up. “Ambitious” person field barbecue also see a lot.

With the deepening of the cultural diversity, international flavor also gradually. Indian curry rice on the desktop, this year the Chinatown party both Taiwan snacks, also have sichuan characteristics.

What play? Guessing game, tug of war, to stick the donkey tail, three legs race, and take the chair, painting face, dye nails, spoon egg race, lucky draw…

Have spare cash, finally to put some fireworks and crackers, give a party ending.

British spirit

But, no matter more careful organization, a bit who also is not in charge: the weather.

it doesn’t matter At this time, will give full play to the British spirit! Pitched tents, ready to an umbrella. No matter what the weather is like, have determined to sitting outside to eat the cake! Some rain, do not frighten the British.

It can endure? Don’t forget, the TV live the river Thames thousand sails race over.

Take a can of beer, to a nearby house living room to look at television continue crazy!

Hope your wedding return novel and chic, let the guests can immediately recall the sweet? That is to play a strange think of clever want, for the guests prepare some fashion wedding return it. Those wonderful creative will let them find everything new and fresh, meticulous care can make them deeply touched.

Delicate mint seedlings grown in small ceramic flowerpot constitute pure and fresh and natural scenery, let a person shine at the moment.

Environmental protection small gift is the most beautiful, the most interesting. Whether vibrant small potted, green health food, does not contain the additive cleaning supplies, or recycled glass bottles are leading environmental fashionable small gifts.


Romantic strawberry red, Ming yan melon yellow and clear rain series of fragrance of tea wax can bring wonderful daydream. Make it lovely bird shape colour profusion wax tank and sweet candle hand in photograph reflect, build a fantastical romantic atmosphere, will be what a enchanted scene.


Jump out of conventional rules, for your guests prepare some do not fall convention of small gift, let them as your happy mood as gorgeous, individual character is dye-in-the-wood small gift will give the guests brings infinite surprise.


Packed in small environmental protection bag of lemon piece of biscuit, chocolate candy entrance instant, no any environmental pollution and good health, is the fashion wedding party good food, will leave us with an endless aftertaste.

Using recycled paper packaging of the camomile essential oil, cedar wood, made of soap, do not contain any chemical add composition, as ivory, pure natural, can give meticulous care, make sure skin from harm.


Recycled bottle + paper straw = lasting carefree drinking. Karma spritzer refreshing, let a person energetic. Environmental protection paper straw will not cause any environmental pollution. The Karma spritzer and paper straw, guests can drink the.

These small and exquisite vase together is a beauty stunning landscape. They are for the guests elaborate lovely gift, will let a person fondle admiringly.


If the weather is hot, might as well for the guests prepare some banana leaf shape of small fan, chic small fans can bring them from inside the feeling of cool and comfortable.


If you are going to a wedding trip for the wedding guests prepare some practical and interest is full of small gift! These close small gift will give their journey with meticulous care.

Thin soft sarong is outdoor wedding resist hot market.

Practical things can also beauty with humour. If the guests luggage system some conspicuous small card, they can quickly find your luggage. And these colourful little card can be used for luggage tag, but also as seats card.


For the guests tailored design elegant pocket city tourist guide. These guidelines on the cover of the should write have your name and date of wedding, and its content can also include local the best restaurants and the hottest nightclubs.